What the Practitioners say about BioEnergetiX WellNES System

What Healthcare Practitioners are saying about NesHealth


Here’s what some medical and alternative health practitioners think about NES Health, BioEnergetiX WellNES System and its component health products:

“I have incredible devices in my clinic, but I am especially excited about this one [miHealth]. It’s amazing.”  Catherine Willner, M.D. Neurologist & Chief Medical Officer, Nura Life Sciences Corporation
“I like the accuracy, the effectiveness and the simplicity, but most of all I like the safety. The safety factor is huge. There are no side effects to the Infoceuticals.” (Ron Minson Nes Practitioner)
“The NES miHealth allows me to work on many different levels. The ‘Inner Peace’ cycle has been very effective – allowing my clients to ‘unwind’ and relax, which has resulted in a deeper response when used alongside the NES ProVision.” Maggie Lewis, Practitioner, UK
“Probably my greatest NES testimony is a client that had a severe auto-immune disease and after being on NES for less than two years she no longer takes medication, is able to work and has a normal life and best of all her Doctor gave her a clean bill of health.” Deborah Holt, Experienced nutritional counsellor and Nes Practitioner
“On the first day [of using NES ProVision], I saw the accuracy of it and was ecstatic. It’s non-invasive, immediate, and extremely comprehensive.” Jason Siczkowycz ND Certified NES Practitioner
“I have been working with the NES miHealth for the last two months – and the reaction from my clients has been overwhelmingly positive. And interestingly, since I’ve started using the device, a lot of new clients have come to my practice asking for a session with the NES miHealth, having heard about their good results from family and friends”.  Rian Bruijne van Dorst, Practitioner, Netherlands
“As the osteopath at the professional football club, Hamburger Sport Verein, I’m working with professional athletes on a daily basis. Over the last two months we have integrated the NES miHealth to support our players – and we have experienced remarkable results. Our players recover faster and feel much more relaxed before games. They even want to use the NES miHealth themselves at home.” Thomas Marquardt, Physiotherapist & Osteopath, Hamburger SV. Germany
“I am an ex-clinical pharmacist and I used to work for the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company as a clinical research associate. Following my own experiences with NES ProVision, I have taken the next step forward and have started working with the NES miHealth device. I am now working across Europe with doctors and therapists to help integrate this next quantum leap into their everyday practice. The NES miHealth is a device that brings us back to our real human potential.” Jacques Bauer, Practitioner, France
“I’m an Osteomyologist and I work at a chiropractic clinic. I have been using the NES miHealth with clients who are very sensitive to touch and who simply can’t cope with deep massage work. What I’ve been looking for is a device that can do for my clients “off body”, what I would normally do with them through physical massage. In the NES miHealth, I’ve found exactly the device I need.  Carina Di Battista, Osteomyologist, UK
“I’ve used the NES miHealth with one of my regular clients who was wanting to achieve greater comfort in her back – and after using several of the device’s in-built programmes, my client is now reporting that she feels more relaxed than she has ever done in her life!”  Charles Krienen, Homeopathic Doctor, Netherlands
“I was scanned by a practitioner whilst on a training course for another therapy I practice. A look at my scan was enough for me to leave the class a day early and order a NES device immediately. I bought it just one week later!”  Lorraine Whitby, NES Practitioner