Services Provided



In our practice we offer a verity of treatments for our Clients. Therapy's include, Person Centred Counselling, Holistic Counselling, Integrative Psychotherapy,  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Australian Bush/Bach Remedies, Reiki, Nes Health Scans and mihealth treatment,  Pain Relief  with  the MiHealth device and  nutritional advice.  

What is counselling?

Counselling comes under the term ‘talking therapies’. Person Centred Counselling is a none directive approaches that allows clients to discuss their problems and any difficult feelings they encounter in a safe, confidential environment. The term counselling can mean different things to different people, but in general, it is a process people seek when they want to change something in their lives, or simply explore their thoughts and feelings in more depth. A counsellor encourages you to talk about what's bothering you in order to uncover any root causes and identify your specific ways of being. The counsellor will help you explore your issues and support you to find ways to cope. 

Holistic  Counselling,  is a gentle and compassionate approach to therapy. This therapy helps you calm your mind, explore problems and emotions. When you look at all aspects of your life your wellbeing improves. This is the reason why we apply different methods which we integrate into our counselling and adapt them according to clients needs.  

Integrative Psychotherapy, combines therapies to suit your individual needs and the issues you are struggling with. The aim of integrative therapy is to help you  become more self-understanding,  gain insight into the difficulties you are confronted with. It considers your ideas, feelings and behaviours in your life and how past issues may be affecting your present situation. Psychotherapy aims to help you change or discover suitable ways of managing problems. This therapy usually involves more exploratory and open ended sessions or longer term therapy and may integrate CBT, mindfulness and psychology. 

CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It focuses on how our thoughts (cognition's) influence our feelings and behaviour.  It recognises and addresses negative thoughts that maintain the problems we encounter. The aim of CBT is for the client to have healthier thoughts, feelings and behaviours, working mainly on present issues, but acknowledging they may be related to past experiences also.  This therapy usually requires working with 8-20 sessions depending on the issues.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)  recommends Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), panic disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and eating Disorder. 

Nutrition advice.  We include nutritional advice in our therapy because wellness and diet have always been linked.  If we are not eating a healthy diet this can effect the way we function.  People who eat a healthy balanced diet are far less stressed than someone eating a poor diet. 

When we are stressed or anxious it uses up our nutrients in the body putting a strain on the body and brain effecting peoples thought patterns, mood, focus and behaviour. Because stress eats up the nutrition in the body it slows down the production of serotonin (a hormones which make our happy endorphins that helps reduces stress, anxiety and depression)  "happy people lead happy life’s" 


Mindfulness is a very effective tool that we use in our counselling. It is recommended by the UK's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and is as effective as drugs for the prevention of depression and anxiety. It also works well for the rest of us who are struggling to keep up with the constant demands of the modern world.


Mindfulness Breathing

To benefit your health and wellness it is important to do mindfulness breathing exercises. This will help focus and calm you. 

Sit comfortably place hands on your lap, concentrate on your breathing, breathe in relax and out calmly repeat 6 to 8 times. Practice this any time of day when feeling stressed, tired or generally feeling out of balance.

Mindfulness helps with

• Stress and anxiety.

• Depression.

• Trauma.

• Anger.

• Chronic pain.

• High blood pressure.

• Sleep.

• P.T.S.D.

•  Concentration and alertness.


Remedies help unlock your full potential, resolve negative emotional states and bring about emotional harmony. They also help to resolve any drama and distress in our life’s. 


Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences was founded in the early 1980s by Australian naturopath, Ian White, He believes “They unlock your full potential, resolve negative beliefs and create physical, emotional health and wellbeing” (White 2013)

Australian Bush Flower Essences are used to restore, health and harmony in body as well as working very effectively at releasing negative psychological arguments and emotions. 

The more we understand how our negative thoughts affect our, physical and emotional wellbeing, the more important these very safe Australian Bush Flower Essences become as vehicles to help us heal our negative thoughts, emotions and physical illness. 

How do Flower Essences work? 

The Australian Bush Flower Essences bring forth the positive qualities that reside deep inside every one of us. Their activation allows us to replace fear with courage, hatred with love, insecurity with self-confidence, etc.  When an essence is taken under the tongue or absorbed through the skin, it is initially assimilated into the bloodstream. Then the remedy settles midway between the circulatory and nervous systems. There, an electromagnetic current runs around the body through a pathway called to the meridians this then helps unblock energy which result in the healing of our physical, emotional and psychological well-being. 

Are Australian Bush Flower Essences safe to take?

Australian Bush Flower Essences are completely natural. They are perfectly safe, free from side effects and are self-adjusting to the needs of the individual taking them. Occasionally the symptoms for which the person is taking the remedy can become more intense for a day or two. This is part of the healing process, It is not a bad sign as it is indicative of the healing that will follow. 

Can I take Bush Flower Essences when I am currently using other medication?

Yes, Bush Flower Essences can be taken whilst under treatment with natural and/or pharmaceutical medications with no negative effects whatsoever.



Reiki Is an ancient Japanese method of healing using energy to triggers the body’s natural healing abilities believed to improve physical health, emotional well-being, stress reduction and mental clarity.

What is Nes Health BioEnergetiX WellNes System

Nes Health system and treatment, NES Health takes the scientist Peter Fraser’s  pioneering  discovery and mapping of the Quantum Electro-Dynamic (QED) fields of the human body and combines it with computer technology. In his research, Peter Fraser uncovered a system of dynamic, structured energy and information fields that inform the physical body, regulating its functions  to the Human Body Field (HBF). Fraser was able to correlate thousands of body-field functions to the physical body, achieving the first true integration of ancient Chinese medicine with modern biology, anatomy and physiology.  The NES Pro-Vision software carries a map of the HBF. When you are connected to the NES-Pro-Vision system via a scanning device, there is communication between your HBF and the field information stored in the software. Any energetic discrepancies between the two will show up on the screen, revealing the energetic priorities most in need of attention at the time of the scan.

The NES Health Assessment, the scan covers more than 150 body field parameters, analysing energy fields and information pathways. 

includes analysis of:

  • Body Organs;
  • Meridians;
  • Nervous System;
  • Digestive System;
  • Circulatory System;
  • Vitamin and Mineral Screen;
  • Food Sensitivities;
  • Metabolism;
  • Muscles and Joints,
  • Mind and Emotions.

Infoceuticals,  are energetic remedies designed to correct specific distortions within your body field. They contain water and micro-quantities of plant derived minerals, whose subatomic structure has been encoded with information that connects to the body field. Infoceuticals do not interfere with pharmaceuticals, herbs, supplements or any other therapies you may be using. You could see an Infoceutical as containing a fractal pattern than your body can read, understand and use to trigger its own self-healing capacity.

MiHealth,  the  miHealth is a hand-held device that is non-invasive and effective for releasing energy blockages, as well as for addressing common complaints. It does this primarily by sending ultra-weak electromagnetic signals, to the spot it is in contact with, and then “listening” to the body’s response from those signals. The goal is to get your body’s energy flow back to operating with maximum efficiency. Because the body can easily get trained into patterns where the energy becomes sluggish or stuck, rejuvenating the body’s energy flow is critical — not just to release any stuck patterns, but also to clear the way for new information and healing messages that can retrain the body into patterns of health and wellness.

Pain relief miHealth, body treatment.  

  • The Pain treatment involves the mihealth Device 
  • All client  will receive a  scan  and all areas of pain will be discussed.
  • You will then be given the most suitable treatment for your condition.
  • Please wear loose casual clothing


 “When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who have chosen to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand’’  (Henri Nouwen)

Positive steps to well-being Reflection 

We recommend that to stay healthy you should. 

• Eat healthy.

• Exercise regularly.

• Balanced Sleep.

• Be kind to yourself .

• Have fun, be creative, learn a new hobby.

• Help and connect with others.

• Relax and make time for you.

• Practice mindfulness when possible  


  • Counselling 1 hr sessions between £50 and £90.
  • Remedies £10 if required whilst receiving  counselling. 
  • Remedy Therapy £ 40.
  • Organisation 1 hr £60  
  • Mindfulness and Therapy 1 hr £45.
  • First consultation 1 hr 15  minutes for Nes Health Scan and treatment  £60 
  • Follow up 1 hr Nes Health Scan and treatment  £60 
  • Pain relief  treatment 30 minuets £30 
  • Gift Vouchers available.